Bankim Sardar College

Transmitting Smiles in the Sunderbans since 1955
College with Potential for Excellence since 2016
Core Value - विद्या विमुक्तये Vidyā Vimuktaye
Vision - Enlightenment Empowerment Enrichment


Dr. Tilak Chatterjee, Principal     

Welcome to Bankim Sardar College – A College with Potential for Excellence in the Sunderbans

Sunderbans – where we serve – is definitely one of the most challenging topologies of the mother earth.

But the region is latent with caged potentialities of human resources, hoping to be unearthed today or tomorrow.

The college since its establishment in 1955 is transmitting smiles in the Sunderbans and helping its inhabitants to reflect their potential and make them inclusive in the national mainstream.

The NAAC Peer Team during its exit meeting during 2015 applauded the college for its exemplary commitment in serving the cause of underprivileged rural people in the Sunderbans.

During 2016, UGC recognized our potential to serve thousands of families in the Sunderbans and conferred upon us the status of College with Potential for Excellence. 

We are thus committed in bringing out excellence from amongst those who during their childhood had very little opportunity to nurture and reflect their potentiality for excellence as they lived in the disadvantaged locations of the islands of the Sunderbans. 

As we move ahead in Search of Excellence in the Sunderbans, we appreciate that the task of although achievable is not very easy. 

It is difficult because  stakeholder of this college are constrained with several limitations and we need to overcome such limitations

Our Vision is  E E E and thus we aim at

·        Enlightening the student  

·        Empowering the students

·        Enriching the students

We understand that numbers are important but Quality is also important and hence we aim at 

·        Quality initiatives    

We value the views of stakeholders and hence we value

·       Stakeholders’ Feedback  

We firmly believe that the students have “Sundarmon” (the Beautiful Minds) and thus we look forward for

·         Sundarmon in Sunderbans

We accept that diversity is a reality and  we need to live in unison in such diversity and thus we imbibe the feeling of

·       Unity in diversity

It is appreciated that to fulfill all the above and to accomplish our goals we need to make the students feel “Home in Campus” for which we strive for

·       Mentoring of Students


1. We have proven track record of serving the deprived people of the Sunderbans

2. We are not afraid to

a. embrace new age ideas

b. think ahead of others

a. embrace new age ideas

d. adhere to Rule of Law

3. Our Teachers act as Mentors

4.Our staff work 24x7 ungrudgingly

5.We have a campus of 30 acres which

a.encourages futuristic expansion

b. opens new possibilitiess


Drive towards excellence requires change amongst all stakeholders towards their value addition.

1.Not all stakeholders prefer change and thus results in a change resistance which limits the move towards excellence

2.Many stakeholders lack the concept of tomorrow and thus fails to adept to futuristic goals

3. Many stakeholders lives with parochial mindsets and thus fails to aim at holistic goals


The college is faced with several opportunities in recent times

1.Being funded by the RUSA we can move forward for infrastructural developments

2.Being funded with the CPE we can move forward towards qualitative developments

3.The introduction of CBCS and semester we can move forward for academic development.

4.The campus being free from trespassing has the ambience for holistic development


The college is located in a geographically disadvantaged place in the Sunderbans

1.This makes daily commuting to the college a daunting task as it is time consuming

2.Daily commutation to the college is expensive (for the students) thus students generally have very less propensity to come to the college regularly

3.The college also cannot extend the college hours beyond 10 AM to 4 PM.

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