C.U. Form fillup and Final Admission for BA, B.Sc., B.Com (Hons/ Gen) Part-II Examination, 2017 will be started very soon.

Welcome to Bankim Sardar College

Bankim Sardar College was founded at a time when the country had just attained independence and was aiming at re-building the nation by spreading the lights of higher education among the masses. Established in 1955, Bankim Sardar College since its inception is pursuing the “vision of enlightening” the families of one of the disadvantaged and underprivileged region of the country – the Sunderbans.

The college which has celebrated its golden jubilee in 2005 can feel proud of imparting higher education to thousands of first generation learners despite several odds as imposed by its geographical location and the economic backwardness of the people. In the present scenario of 21st century changes the college appreciates the necessity of “re-visioning of empowerment” of the people as dialectics of globalization and incessant proliferation of information technology necessitates higher education to deliver new roles to face the challenges imposed by the 21st century changes. The college therefore contemplates its social corporate role of empowering the people of the region by way of institutional research regarding mangrove plantation and also development and implementation of location specific curricula for stakeholders of the region. It also envisages new goals of rebuilding capabilities of the teachers that are necessary during the 21st centuries, instilling skills to the students that would make students more employable.

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